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Play - The Surfaris 2nd LP (DL 4470)

The Surfaris 2nd LP Play (DL 4470)

The Surfaris 2nd LP Play (DL 4470)

Instead of removing their picture from the back of the album like their first LP, Decca puts a now very close and clear picture of the band on the front!
The Surfaris 2nd LP Play (DL 4470)

Unlike the confusion of their first LP with "other instrumental artists", this time The Surfaris "Play" all the songs.

The Surfaris 2nd LP Play (DL 4470)

The Surfaris 2nd LP Play (DL 4470)

Ron Wilson's snare drum is stained with his own blood from a recent concert.

This is a 14"x5" Sonor snare from a Sonor drumset that Ron had acquired after the Wipe Out recording session.
The Surfaris 2nd LP Play (DL 4470)

Bob Berryhill holding his Fender Jazzmaster guitar (and holding an E7th chord) that was used on the Wipe Out recording session as well as the Play LP.
The Surfaris 2nd LP Play (DL 4470)

The Surfaris 2nd LP Play (DL 4470)

Side One

1. WAIKIKI RUN                Jim Fuller
2. SURFER JOE               The Surfaris
        Vocal By Ron Wilson
3. SIMILAU                         Harry Coleman- Arden Clar
4. BAT MAN                       Lee Hazlewood-Don Cole
5. SURFING DRUMS        Dick Dale
6. POINT PANIC                The Surfaris

Side Two

1. MISIRLOU                       N. Roubanis-F. Wise-M. Leeds- S. K. Russell
2. WIPE OUT                       The Surfaris
3. I'M A HOG FOR YOU     Jerry Leiber-Mike Stoller
        Vocal By Ron Wilson
4. JACK THE RIPPER       Fred Weismantel
5. SURFARIS STOMP       The Surfaris
6. SURF SCENE                The Surfaris
The Surfaris 2nd LP Play (DL 4470)

Produced by Charles Bud Dant
The Surfaris 2nd LP Play (DL 4470)

Currently, the United States, as well as a number of foreign countries, has erupted with a wild and most refreshing fad, SURFING, a sport that has given birth to its own music, its own dance steps and its own language.
While there is still some question as to who started the surfing craze, there is no question as to where it started. Southern California, long known for its movie stars, gracious living, Disneyland, freeways and summer resort weather twelve months of every year, is the area in which surfing made its debut. California still remains the leader around the world for the sport, where surfing has become virtually a way of life to those in the teen- and twenty-age bracket.
To the uninitiated who as what "surfing music" is, there remains no single explanation. Sometimes defined as "a rock and roll bass beat figuration, coupled with a raunch-type weird-sounding guitar plus wailing saxes," other times as "music in which the lead guitar plays a double beat, with the instrumentation usually consisting of two guitars, bass, drums and sax." Most experts generally agree that "when the music gets too good, and too polished, it isn't considered the real thing."
One of the leading exponents of the surfing movement is a group known as THE SURFARIS. These five youngster recently burst upon the rec-
The Surfaris 2nd LP Play (DL 4470)

ord scene with their hit recordings of WIPE OUT, SURFER JOE and POINT PANIC. In addition to these three new hits, composed by the SURFARIS, their first album for Decca also includes nine other selections played with the new SURFARIS beat, and calculated to convert any newcomers into avid surfing fans.
THE SURFARIS consist of Pat Connolly, 16, the six footer who is leader of the group and plays bass guitar; he is a junior in Glendora High and the best surfer of the five; Jim Fuller, 16, who is the smallest in the group, five feet five inches tall and plays lead guitar; he is also a junior in Glendora High and admits to a preference for dancing over surfing; Bob Berryhill, 16, another six footer who is also an excellent surfer and plays rhythm guitar; he is a junior in Glendora High and owns the woodie* that serves as transportation for the group and their musical and surfing gear; Ron Wilson, 18, who recently graduated from Charter Oak High, is the five feet seven inch drummer; his talents include singing, composing and remarkable skill as an artist, (he designs and makes all trademarks and decals for the group's equipment), and is also an accomplished surfer; and Jim Pash, 14, the youngest member who stands at six feet one inch tall and plays the saxophone, as well as clarinet and guitar; he is a sophomore at Charter Oak
The Surfaris 2nd LP Play (DL 4470)

High and enjoys dancing as much as surfing.
Because of their schooling, THE SURFARIS have restricted their appearances in and around their hometown area of Glendora, California, performing at teen hops and dances. Their versatility is evident in their dancing, their ability to inter-change the playing of their various instruments, and the fact that each of them assists in arranging their music.
So, whether you're a gremmy*, a hero*, a ho-dad*, a hot-dogger*, or a pseudo*, this is your invitation to park your woodie* and make way for THE SURFARIS! This is the best music to surf by!
The Surfaris 2nd LP Play (DL 4470)


GREMMY - Beginners or young hangers on who are troublesome to surfmen.
HERO - One who thinks he's greater on a surfboard than he is.
HO-DAD - A greaser, sort of a hot-rodder with long hair and sideburns.
HOT-DOGGER - A great and showy performer on the board.
PSEUDO - Pretends he's a surfer, but he isn't.
WOODIE - The station wagon a surfer uses to haul his board.
The Surfaris 2nd LP Play (DL 4470)

Side 1

2. SURFER JOE* (2:20-BMI)
3. SIMILAU (2:15-BMI)
4. BAT MAN (2:30-BMI)

*Vocal By Ron Wilson
The Surfaris 2nd LP Play (DL 4470)

Side 2

1. MISIRLOU (3:39-BMI)
2. WIPE OUT (2:22-BMI)
3. I'M A HOG FOR YOU* (2:20-BMI)
6. SURF SCENE (1:56-BMI)

*Vocal By Ron Wilson
Copyright 2011 Bob Berryhill of The Surfaris, All Rights Reserved.